Stanford University Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics Aerospace Computing Laboratory

List of Ph.D. Students' Theses

Ph.D. Student



Dissertation Title

I-Chung ChangNYU1981Unsteady transonic flow past airfoils in rigid body motion
Brian McCartinNYU1982Theory, computation and application of exponential splines
Richard PelzPrinceton1983Transonic flow calculations using triangular finite elements
John FayPrinceton1985On the design of airfoils in transonic flow using the Euler equations
Seokkwan YoonPrinceton1985Numerical solution of the Euler equations by implicit schemes with multiple grids
Craig StreettPrinceton1987A spectral method for the solution of transonic potential flow about an arbitrary two-dimensional airfoil
Dimitri MavriplisPrinceton1987Solution of the two dimensional Euler equations on unstructured triangular meshes
Venkat VenkatakrishnanPrinceton1987Computation of unsteady transonic flows over moving airfoils
Luigi MartinelliPrinceton1987Calculations of viscous flows with a multigrid method
Mohan JayaramPrinceton1987Solution of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for transonic flow using a multigrid method
Takeshi SakataPrinceton1990Solution of the Euler equations in multibody flow fields using the overlapping-mesh method
Mark StewartPrinceton1990Non-overlapping composite meshes for multi-element airfoils
Feng LiuPrinceton1991Numerical calculation of turbomachinery cascade flows
Todd MittyPrinceton1993Development of a Delaunay-based adaption scheme with applications to complex three-dimensional rotational flows
James FarmerPrinceton1993A finite volume multigrid solution to the three dimensional nonlinear ship wave problem
James ReutherUC Davis1996Aerodynamic shape optimization using control theory
Juan AlonsoPrinceton1997Parallel computation of unsteady and aeroelastic flows using an implicit multigrid-driven algorithm
Andrey BelovPrinceton1997A new implicit multigrid-driven algorithm for unsteady incompressible flow calculations on parallel computers
Chongam KimPrinceton1997Robust and accurate numerical methods for high speed unsteady flows
Scott ShefferPrinceton1997Parallel computation of supersonic reactive flows with detailed chemistry including viscous and species diffusion effects
Biing-Horng LiouPrinceton1998Calculation of nonlinear free surface wave with a fully implicit multigrid method
Paul LinPrinceton2001Two-dimensional implicit time dependent caculations for incompressible flows on adaptive unstructured meshes
Yee Feng RuanStanford2002Shock capturing schemes with gas-kinetic methods
Sriram ShankaranStanford2003Numerical analysis and design of upwind sails
Siva NadarajahStanford2003The discrete adjoint approach to aerodynamic shape optimization
Matthew McMullenStanford2003The application of non-linear frequency domain methods to the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations
John HsuStanford2005An implicit-explicit flow solver for complex unsteady flows
Kasidit LeoviriyakitStanford2005Wing planform optimization via an adjoint method
Balaji SrinivasanStanford2006The BGK and LRS schemes for computing Euler and Navier Stokes flows
Georg MayStanford2006A kinetic scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations and high-order methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
Arathi GopinathStanford2007Efficient Fourier-based algorithms for the time-periodic unsteady problems
Karthik PalaniappanStanford2007Algorithms for automatic feedback control of aerodynamic flows
Nawee ButsuntornStanford2008Time spectral method for rotorcraft flow with vorticity confinement
Aaron KatzStanford2009Meshless methods for computational fluid dynamics
Jen-Der LeeStanford2009NLF wing design by adjoint method and automatic transition prediction
Rui HuStanford2009Supersonic biplane design via adjoint method
Sachin PremasuthanStanford2010Towards an efficient and robust high order accurate flow solver for viscous compressible flow
Sean KamkarStanford2011Mesh adaption strategies for vortex-dominated flows
Kwan Yu ChiuStanford2011A conservative meshless framework for conservation laws with applications
Yves AllaneauStanford2012Energy conserving numerical methods for the computation of complex
Patrice CastonguayStanford2012High-order energy stable flux reconstruction schemes for fluid flow simulations on unstructured grids
Kui OuStanford2012High-order methods for unsteady flows on unstructured dynamic meshes
Andre ChanStanford2012Control and suppression of laminar vortex shedding off two-dimensional bluff bodies
Yi LiStanford2013Automatic mesh adaptation using the continuous adjoint approach and the spectral difference method
Matthew CulbrethStanford2013High fidelity optimization of flapping airfoils and wings
David WilliamsStanford2013Energy stable high-order methods for simulating unsteady, viscous, compressible flows on unstructured grids
Joshua LeffellStanford2014An overset time-spectral method for relative motion
George AndersonStanford2015Shape optimization in adaptive search spaces
Manuel Lopez-MoralesStanford2016Towards industry-ready high-order flow solvers: increasing robustness and usability
Kartikey AsthanaStanford2016Analysis and design of optimal discontinuous finite element schemes
Abhishek SheshadriStanford2016An analysis of stability of the flux reconstruction formulation with applications to shock capturing
Joshua RomeroStanford2017On the development of the direct flux reconstruction scheme for high-order fluid flow simulations
Jerry WatkinsStanford2017Numerical analysis and implicit time stepping for high-order, fluid flow simulations on GPU architectures
Jacob CrabillStanford2018Towards industry-ready high-order overset methods on modern hardware
David Manosalvas-KjonoStanford2018Aerodynamic design of active flow control systems aimed towards drag reduction in heavy vehicles