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Recent Papers

[1] Development and Validation of a Massively Parallel Flow Solver for Turbomachinery Flows, AIAA Paper 00-0882, Reno, Jan. 2000
[2] Computation of Flow in a Compressor Blade Row by a Third-Order AccurateScheme, AIAA Paper 98-3561, Cleveland, Jul. 1998
[3] Computation of Steady Flow in a Turbomachinery Stage by a Third-Order Accurate High-Resolution Scheme, AIAA Paper 98-0920, Reno, Jan. 1998


[1] "The Numerical Simulation of Multistage Transonic Compressor Steady/Unsteady Flows by Third Order Accurate UNO Scheme", 3rd International Symposium on Experimental and Computational Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flows (ISAIF), Beijing, 1996
[2] "The Organizing and Controlling of Three-Dimensional Shock in Modern Transonic Compressor Rotors", International Symposium of Fluid Machinery and Fluid Engineering, Beijing, 1996
[3] "The High- Resolution schemes and Numerical Simulation of Complex Flow in Turbomachinery Blade Row", 1995 YOKOHAMA International Gas Turbine Congress.
[4] "The High Resolution Numerical Simulation of 3D Compressible Viscous Flows in Turbomachinery", 6th International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics", Sep. 1995,Nevada,USA.
[5] "The Implicit High-Resolution Numerical Analysis of Three Dimensional Turbulence Flows in Compressor Blade Rows", J. of Aeroapse Power, 1996
[6] "An Implicit High-Resolution Solver for Flows around Cascades", J. of Aeroapse Power (in Chinese), Vol.10, No.2, 1995
[7] "A High-Resolution Scheme for Numerical Simulation of Shocked Flow and It's Application", Proceedings of Third China-Russia-Ukraine Symposium on Astronautical Science and Technology. Xian, Oct.,1994, pp 420-423, ISBN 7-5612-0672-O/V.18
[8] "The Numerical Simulation of Spanwise Mixing in Multistage Compressors", J. of Aerospace Power, Vol.9, No.1,1994

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