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Gridgen Tutorial


Gridgen is a software system for the generation of grids and meshes which can be used for many types of analysis software including CFD and FEM.

Getting start

You can start the progam by typing "gridgen".

It is very easy to generate a mesh using Gridgen. Basically you need to take three steps:
1) create connectors (lines and curves),
2) create faces (using connectors), and
3) create blocks (using faces).


Our lab has three printed copies of Gridgen manuals. The manual is also avaiable in html format at /usr/local/gridgen/doc/help/. Another useful resource is located at

Note: We have a license for a single user. This means no more than one person can run Gridgen at the same time.

By Sangho Kim

Last Modified: Wed Jul 9 16:43:34 PDT 2003